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To Register and Contact us

020 650 3232


Ofsted £75 Saturday course.

As a leader in the Nanny Agency industry 1998 we were the first to request our own one day Saturday course. Run every six weeks 9am – 5pm. Nannies to book please contact Debbie.

Agency Annual
Event Invitation

Teddy Bear Picnic Last Wednesday 12 -2pm For Nannies and employers children near swings Kelsey Park Beckenham.

Christmas Cake Party first Wednesday 6 -7pm. For nannies, babysitters, clients and friends of the Agency to join us for a festive drink.

Telephone agency to book on: 020 8650 3232

If you have any questions or need any further reassurance about our service please telephone or visit our office Monday to Friday
9am - 3pm.

Kind Regards Debbie NNEB
Are you looking for a Nanny, Registered Childminder
or Evening Babysitter

My name is Debbie (NNEB) and with 28 years interview experience I can help you choose the right Child carer.

1985 to run an Employment Agency I was government interviewed then licensed.

For eight years prior I loved working as a Nanny in Knightsbridge London, Berkshire, Kent, Surrey, Istanbul, France and Canada.

I am Kent, South London and Surrey's longest reigning original Agency owner.

2012 I was nominated as a finalist in the Bromley Business of the Year Awards.

At Tottenham Hotspur Football Club for seven years I ran the player's Children crèche. Mrs Glenn Hoddle asked me to move to Monaco to be their Children's Nanny.

We enjoy meeting new Child carers and do not charge a fee to help you find a job.

Parents why choose Little Masters and Misses

We are in regular contact with over 300 full or part time Child carers and unique for an Agency for 2 hours face to face interview every candidate and gain 4 references on.

We practice equal opportunity but know our clients expect our candidates to be able to set their Children a reasonable example on grooming, grammar and manners.

We offer salary and contract advice with one of the most important decisions you will make which must not be rushed, finding the right Child carer can take 1 - 6 weeks.

Salary - we can save you £1000 - 5000 per year as most Internet met people know they overcharge. For a 10-hour day over pay by £2 per hour = £20 day therefore up to £100 week and our service fee compared to other Agencies is up to £1500 less.

Children's happiness before our Agency fee is at the heart of my caring service.

One off fee if you offer:

up to 2 days - £250 3, 4 or 5 day - £450

We refund 50% or free introduce another if they do not pass a 6 week probationary.

It is easy to register

Just telephone or email us to check after a conversation we can help.

We then email our brochure and registration form.

You pay a £25 admin registration fee by bank transfer.

We also post a printed version of our email brochure. 

We telephone our current Child carers we feel may suit your post contract requirements.

On our website we display your Nanny or Childminder vacancy and applicants contact us not you to apply which will save you hours of reading an abundance of unsuitable CVs.

Only if we have interviewed them do we email you their Agency checked CV Report.

We aim to set up interviews within 4 days.

If you gain your Child carer from another source that is fine but we offer to convert the £25 admin fee so that free for 6 months you can use our evening Babysitting Service.

Nannies earn £8 to £13 per hour gross or £7 – 10 per hour net.

We offer realistic salary advice that is fair to both Child carers and Employers.
Rates are influenced to be higher if they have Nanny employment references.

The average rate parents can budget to is £10 - 11 per hour gross.

Our Registered Child minders earn £5 or £6 per hour gross because based in their own home they offer other Childcare sector referees to show childcare is their 1st choice career.

Ofsted registration is not a character reference and a CRB check on Nannies and Childminders is only done in their 1st year Ofsted registration.

Advert only web sites are just a 21st century sweet shop notice board ideal to buy Children 2nd hand clothes or toys but proven not safe to find a Child carer.

They are only free or cheap because editors of do not meet or check people so for a devious person it is easy to email a fake great paper unchecked CV with cliché good comment about themselves, delete a past job or mislead about their experience.

Local Doctors and Lawyers because they felt they were good character judges regret not paying an Agency fee to gain more checks and our 2nd opinion because:

Bromley - a Doctor was emailed 3 identical CVs - before even met 2 or 3 were liars!

Blackheath Nanny identity stolen – a year after emailing her CV to a bogus family with referee phone numbers that CV was used to apply for Nanny Jobs. This was only found out after a horrified past employer had given to parents with a baby a glowing reference on a person they had never met.

Surrey – a naïve likable 21 year old with a low childcare qualification and no sole charge or nursery management experience persuaded highly educated parent's she could cope with their baby who sadly was hospital admitted seriously injured.

Nannies are at risk to as we know

A Dulwich Nanny who via a web site advert met a man and woman terrified when told they had no children but could offer another seedy job!

Kind Regards  Debbie (NNEB)

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