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for 20 years, 1985 - 2005

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Welcome familes and Childcarers

Since 1985 for FREE we help Childcare qualified Childcarers in Kent and South London to find a 2,3,4 or 5 day Nanny job that offers each day 8 up to 12 hours childcare work.

My name is Debbie and in 1985 I gained an Employment Agency licence to start this daily Nanny Introduction Service, I have interviewed over 600 Nannies and helped 100`s of families.

For 8 years before I loved working as a Nanny in Kent, London, Europe and Canada.

A child`s happiness before my fee is at the heart of my Nanny service.

We take 2 hours to face to face interview and reference check every childcarer.

Why choose Little Masters and Misses

We take 2 hours to face to face interview and reference check every childcarer.

Parents employ a Nanny at a higher cost from £9 up to £16 gross per hour or £7 up to £12 net per hour (Nanny take home) because they want their child given one to one childcare and not all day out of the family home group cared for in a Day Nursery or Registered Childminder setting.

Choosing the right Nanny for your child cannot be rushed as employing a person in your home is one of the biggest decisions a parent will make.

Never employ a Nanny (or start a job) without a 1st and 2nd interview and for your own peace of mind do several reference checks on your chosen Nanny as the references we gain are for our records and confidential.

Families and Childcarers for more Little Masters and Misses advice view:

    Looking for a nanny?

    This includes advice on:
  • What is a Nanny
  • Childcare related duties an Employer can expect a Nanny to do to a reasonable standard
  • 1st and 2nd interview tips
  • A fair gross Nanny salary rate to pay and other costs involved to employ a Nanny
  • Debbie`s 2 Top Tips in more detail -

    1. Our Childcarer CV Reports state a fair salary to pay for a Childcarers past work experiences to help families not to overpay.

    2. Avoid CVs of Childcarers on websites that do not speak to, interview or reference check Childcarers.

Nanny Industry Contacts?

Here we provide varied telephone numbers and links to several well known specialists who are trained and qualified (unlike us) to give both a childcarer and family up to date advice on PAYE Tax, Ofsted, Nanny Insurance and where to get a DBS (police check) where we also advise register DBS annual update service.

Please telephone us to register about 8 - 10 weeks before you need a Nanny to start to allow 4 weeks to interview Childcarers and for their current employment 4 or 6 week notice.

We will check that we can help and if so email our brochure and a form to complete. We offer families a free service until a Nanny accepts your job.

Then the following fee within 7 days is payable and before they start. There is a 4 week probationary from the Nannies start day and should they not continue past we refund 50% of the paid fee:

  • £300 for a 2 or 3 day Nanny (part-time)
  • £400 for a 4 or 5 day Nanny (full-time)

We do not introduce After School Nannies, family cooks or housekeepers.

General Data protection Regulation (GDPR). The UK data privacy law came into effect May 2018. This means that you`ll have more control over how your data is used and ensures that organisations protect your personal data better.

Little Masters and Misses (continue to) treat all information we hold about you as private and confidential and we will not reveal your information to anyone unless we have your permission.

When you first contact us, whether by email or telephone, under GDPR both a family and childcarer will need to complete an opt-in form which also allows you to receive our 3 seasonal newsletters.

Email: mastersandmisses@btconnect.com

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