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020 650 3232

Evening Babysitters

Parents all deserve a fun occasional night off.

£30 6 month service fee.

A small price to pay for reliable interviewed and reference checked Nursery Nurses, Midwifes, Nannies and Teachers who all drive.

Monday to Thursday £7 hour
Friday and Saturday £8 hour.

A small price to pay for happy and safe children.

You can meet a new babysitter for one hour beforehand. Many of our babysitters remain with the same family for up to 5 years.


British Red Cross First Aid Ofsted £80 course
1998 as a leader in the Nanny Agency industry we were the first to request our own one day Paediatric training. Run every six weeks 9am – 5pm on a Saturday. Nannies to book please contact Debbie or for our new parent only course -
contact Emma.

Agency Annual
Event Invitation

Teddy Bear Picnic Last Wednesday 12 -2pm For Nannies and employers children near swings Kelsey Park Beckenham.

Christmas Cake Party first Wednesday 6 -7pm. For nannies, babysitters, clients and friends of the Agency to join us for a festive drink.

Telephone agency to book on: 020 8650 3232

For odd days and weeks we have School Holiday or Temporary nannies

Available from 7.30am Minimum booking 3 hour Nanny paid £9 per hour gross Agency admin fee £5 per day Payable by bank transfer.

If you have any questions please do telephone or visit our Beckenham High Street office Monday to Friday
9 am - 3pm.

Kind Regards Debbie NNEB

I founded the agency in 1985 and before worked 8 years as a Nanny in London, Istanbul, Canada, France
and Spain.

020 650 3232
The Benefits of Employing a Nanny.

Siblings are cared for together and by the same familiar childcarer, therefore receiving personalised and consistent care within the home.

Nannies are more cost effective than a childminder where there is more than one child in a family to be cared for.

Children receive care in their own home. This is much more convenient for parents than having to take children and their equipment to and from a childminder before 8am .


If you choose a qualified or very experienced nanny you have the reassurance this is their chosen profession due to genuine love of children

Childcare continues if the child is sick and the child is cared for in the home environment. (Nurseries are understandably reluctant to take sick children).

Childcare continues during school holidays with nannies

Nannies aim to be flexible and will try to book their holidays with good notice at mutually convenient times.

Many other child related duties are also undertaken by the Nanny. These include washing and ironing, cooking and cleaning of bedrooms, play areas and toys. Also structuring local appropriate outings for the children with parental consent.

Nannies are a great source of childcare information and experience, which can be of comfort and support, particularly for first time mums.

Nannies can be a valuable additional babysitter. Many nannies are happy to babysit and it can be a comfort to parents to have somebody on hand with whom their children are already familiar

Children - particularly young children - benefit emotionally from the security of being cared for in their own home environment where they are more familiar and comfortable.

In April 2005 the long campaigned for Nanny Register arrived. Known as the Childcare Approved Scheme this will cost the nanny £96 each year which includes the CRB check (not reference checks). It offers parents a combined income of up to £59,000pa. part payment of childcare costs. In 1996 Debbie was invited by a Beckenham MP to the Houses of Parliament to discuss Nanny Register issues.

So what are the different options for employing a Nanny >>>

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