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Visit our office by appointment:
Apex Business Centre
8 – 12 Bromley Road,
Beckenham, Kent BR3 5JE

Located just 3 minutes walk from Marks and Spencer in Beckenham High Street

Our Croydon shop
for 20 years, 1985 - 2005

A nanny at our
teddy bear picnic

Past Agency News

Childcare in the school holidays?
Register with our established Temporary Nanny Service for £30 for six months to cover odd days or weekly childcare needs during school holidays.  We place teachers and nursery nurses employed in schools.  All are reliable and well known to the agency.  Minimum daily booking of 3 hours at £9ph gross.

BBC TV July 2008-  BBC Television is making a major three-part series called WOMEN about contemporary women’s lives. They would be particularly interested in hearing from non-British nannies who are mothers themselves and have had to leave their own children behind. Find out more>>

Presentation to NESCOT 2008

On 19th May I gave a talk to 20 Childcare students at the North East Surrey College of Technology (NESCOT). I have given several College talks and really enjoy the opportunity to meet tutors and students.

I was very impressed with the students who were sensible, professional and interested in nanny employment. I am looking forward to interviewing many of them on an individual basis over the coming weeks.


Visit from Nannytax
February 2008

I was delighted to finally meet Mia and Asa from Nannytax Head Office in Brighton when they asked to visit the LMM office earlier this year.  I was surprised to be told that LMM was one of the first agencies to introduce business to them (in the 1990s) and delighted that they have now offered us a personalised service and literature.

Annual Christmas Party 2007

The annual Agency party took place on 29th November at Beckenham Public Hall. Great fun was had by all who attended and there was even a surpise visit from Santa's little helper Nanny Christmas who gave out presents to every child!


I always enjoy these events and am eternally greatful to those who support me. It was lovely to meet some of the children for whom we've found nannies and, of course, to catch up with the nannies themselves.

We'll be at the same venue next year and I'd really like to grow this event, which is open to employers and nannies, so keep a look out for your invitation

Download our Winter newletter
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Summer 2007 I transfered the agency office to the High Street Beckenham

Download our Summer newletter 2007
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NSPCC Full Stop Campaign

Little Masters and Misses is donating £2 from every placement to support the NSPCC Full Stop Campaign.

Click here to find out more about the campaign >>>


Sainsbury raffle for sport relief

Little Masters and Misses have donated two raffle prizes - Babysitting Service packs each worth £50. There are 9 prizes ranging from Odeon Cinema tickets, Pizza Express and local Beckenham business donation prizes - a ticket costs £1

The raffle take place in Sainsbury Beckenham on Saturday 15th July 2006. So if you wish to obtain a ticket and give support to the cause of raising monies to help vulnerable people leading tough lives here in the UK and in the poorest countries across the world, Sainsbury Beckenham have a fun day instore.

Click here to find out more about Sport Relief >>>

Download our Spring newletter
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Article - Families Magazine
March/April Issue 2006
The childcare your child would choose? The view from Little Masters and Misses.
Click here to read the whole article >>>

Article - Families- South East Magazine
March Issue 2006
Debbie's advice on keeping a Nanny?
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Article - Professional Nanny Magazine
September Issue 2005

Minding the business

To mark a milestone in the business of placing nannies, Debbie Elliff looks back at changes personal and public.

Click here to read the whole article >>>

Teddy Bears Picnic

Debbie organised a Teddy Bears' Picnic as part of the celebrations for the agency's 20th business anniversary.

It was great fun and a very appropriate way to mark the occasion.

Thank you to everyone who came along.

Lewisham College Nanny Talk

In April 2005 the agency was asked to speak to students leaving childcare courses. Feedback was enthusiastic and we look forward to giving talks at other colleges in Surrey and Kent.

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