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What is a Nanny?

A Nanny provides childcare in the employer’s home
, usually when both parents are at work.  A nanny is responsible for looking after the welfare, happiness and daily routine of the children including washing, ironing and cooking nutritious children’s meals 

Generally, a Nanny will be a trained nursery nurse, aged 18+ or someone without qualifications who has had a minimum of three years continuous employment as a nanny in the UK. 

Good sense of humour a must for nannies!

This is compared to a registered childminder, who need only complete a 12 hour childcare course to for OfSted to sanction them suitable to care for up to five children!

A Nanny has chosen a childcare career as a nanny specifically.  They are interested in the development and care of children and trained to provide one to one care for children within their own home.  Childminding, on the other hand, is often a second career for an individual, who originally chose an office based job, not at all related to childcare.  Often the hours and work suit mums with children of their own and it is convenience that prompts them to take it up.  Hence their cheaper hourly rate.

These are the most usual qualifications although there are others.  Courses can take 1-2 years and can now be obtained whilst employed by a day nursery and monitored by a NVQ assessor rather than by attending a college course. 

  • NNEB (National Nursery Examination Board) 2-year training. 
  • DCE (Diploma in Childcare and Education) (formerly NNEB) 2-year course. 
  • CACHE (Diploma in Nursery Nursing)
  • CACHE (Diploma in Childcare) NVQ level 3 and 2 where students are assessed at work
  • NVQs (National Vocational Qualifications) in various childcare courses.
    • Level 4 – Qualified to run a nursery and to supervise staff
    • Level 3 – generally accepted to be equivalent to the NNEB or DCE
    • Level 2 – qualified to begin a career in childcare either in a nursery or in a nanny post with some parental guidance.
    • Level 1 – very basic childcare course
  • BTEC (National Diploma in Nursery Nursing).  Similar to NNEB/DCE but with the emphasis more college based. 
  • NAMCW (National Association for Maternal Child Welfare). 
  • City and Guilds – in Family and Community Care or Caring.
  • Montessori – a certificate in a specific Nursery Teaching practice.

Other very basic useful courses include YTS Childcare, Childcare GCSE, Evening Childcare courses and nursery based 1-day courses.  Not all qualifications will be acceptable for Childcare Approval Scheme Registration. May we advise unqualified but very experienced nannies to check with Ofsted whether they can still apply for approval without completing the 12 hour introductory childminder course.

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