Nanny with their own child
(From £5.50 - £6.50 ph net)

In 1996 I pioneered this service for those happy to employ an experienced/qualified nanny looking for a post to bring their child to your home to care for the children together at a reduced rate.

Employers are pleased their children are cared for in their own home by a childcare qualified experienced nanny and `mother` in favour of being `group` cared for at a nursery or childminders home.

These nannies generally seek posts for 2 or 3 days a week realistically starting after 8am up to 6.15pm. If the nanny has no 2nd employer costs are reduced as you are entitled to the full tax allowance although the nanny reserves the right to a 2nd employer at a later date.

In this agencies experience, to retain employ these nannies aim as a priority the happiness and routine of the employers child first.

Nannies be advised our average client does struggle to meet childcare costs and tax, you will still cost them up to 10 ph gross.

Benefits to Nannies.
-Nanny has no childcare costs!
-Nanny has amazing opportunity to care for their own child at work. Few employers allow this option
-Nanny forfeits just 1/ 2 ph net
-Nanny has no day heat cost whilst at work