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020 650 3232

We enjoy meeting Nannies

We represent over 300 professional Nannies and are confident about the Agency office service so hope you contact us to join our team.

Weekly we gain new jobs Blackheath, Dulwich, Bromley Sevenoaks and Croydon.

Because making our services affordable to families we offer Nanny Employers the lowest agency fees.

• £150 for up 2 day post
• £350 if a 3, 4 or 5 day

We are all aware of agencies that charge parents up to £2000 in agency fees.

Research indicates a high agency fee has contributed to parents risking their children’s safety by using advertising only websites. Often unaware editors do not interview or reference check people claiming to be a Nanny.

Our clients also advertise on our website their full or part time Nanny Job.

Making it safer for their children only our interviewed reference checked Nannies

• Can apply to their job.
• We forward your Agency checked CV and encourage interview within 4 days.
• With salary advice we aim to find you the right job within 2 – 6 weeks.

Salary Guide

From £7 – 9 per hour net
From £ 8 – 12 per hour Gross

£8 per hour net or £11 per hour gross is the average salary for an experienced Nanny being paid.

Some parents will pay up to £9 per hour net if the agency can gain over 8 years Nanny employment references.

Part - Time post

Most parents pay £10 per hour gross. If total weekly earnings under £140 gross may be under tax threshold.

• Before and/or just After School £10 - 12 ph
• 1 full or half day weekly
• Temporary Nanny
• Shared Nanny
• Nanny + own child £8 ph g

Mothers Help or taking and collecting school children.

Contact us if you are reliable, responsible and over 17 having completed or started a childcare qualification.

Average 4 – 7 hour day up to 7pm. 3 – 12 month contracts.
Salary £ 6 – 7 per hour gross.

Only if you gain a good reference from our client will we continue to recommend you.

Agency Annual Invitation

Every July
Teddy Bear Picnic Last Wednesday 12 -2pm

For Nannies and employers children find us near swings Kelsey Park Beckenham.

Every December
Christmas Cake Party First Wednesday 6 -7pm.

Nannies, babysitters, clients and Agency friends come and join us for a festive drink.

We buy the children a gift so telephone agency to book on 020 8650 3232.

020 650 3232
The birth of Little Masters & Misses Advertising Website Service

Safer for children and will work better than other childcare advertisings web sites because for FREE we only let agency interviewed and reference checked nannies advertise.

Cheaper for employers at £50 for 6 months. Advertise difficult hours on our easy to navigate NANNY ONLY WEBSITE viewed by local nannies who use and trust our services.

Reduce costs seek a nanny
Nanny Share
£6 - 7 ph gross

Nanny + own child
8 - 9 ph gross
Before or/and After School
Term time or holiday only £10 – 13 ph gross
Need 1 or half day
Advertise split 2 day
Average salary
£10 ph gross

INCLUDED FREE in our Nanny Employment Agency traditional way we will if any advert matches:

  1. Forward that nannies checked agency CV and give salary advice based on their experience.
  2. The agency arranges the 1st interview date and for 2nd interview a potential employer will be sent the nannies agency references.
  3. If our nanny is offered the post the employer pays a final £100 agency fee.

Safer for nannies; a frightened nanny contacted us after evening meeting in a Dulwich house a man and woman advertising for a nanny on a well known childcare web site who said they lied and had no children but can offer her another career opportunity. Your telephone number or email address is not displayed as all contact is via the agency.

Advertising editors unlike us do not meet or reference check their advertisers so they do not know if they are pleasant people so no different than a sweet shop notice board advert.

It is easy for childcare inexperienced and dishonest people to Internet copy or fake an impressive CV to include a baby nanny job or delete a past job that they left on bad terms.

A shocked Doctor contacted us having received several identical CVs from different people so each fake CV claiming the same dates working for same employer with glowing fake referees, overpay by them by £2 ph at £20 per day over 12 months can cost you £5000 pa.

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