Nanny Share service
(£4-£5 per hour net each family on actual hours shared)

There are two main types of Nanny Share.  Either where a nanny cares for children from two separate families at the same time, in one or other of their homes.  Or, where a nanny cares for children from two separate families but not on the same days.  So the Nanny will perhaps work for family A on Monday and Tuesday and family B on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

For a nanny share to work you will need to be more flexible and be advised you may have to drop off or pick up your child; ut in our experience most parents are fair and will try to consider the needs of all children involved, often agreeing to alternate between homes where appropriate.  Both types of share can work well and are a good way of reducing costs but can often be complicated to arrange.  For this reason we have linked up with  Their site is an excellent resource for people looking to find a like-minded family in their local area with whom to share a nanny.  As an Agency, I can then more easily find you and your share family the right nanny.  Click the link below to visit the site and if you think it would be useful to you then give us a call and we’ll arrange free registration for you.

The majority of nannies expect to earn £80 - £100 net per day on a share arrangement, regardless of the actual hours shared by each employer. This is due to the logistics for the nanny of communicating with 4 parents on a daily basis and having to negotiate annual leave etc. Many mature and experienced nannies tell the agency that they find this aspect of a shared nanny contract extremely stressfull (as do the parents!) and advise the Agency not to put them forward for shared positions.

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