Parents and Childcarers Telephone us on 0208 650 3232

We cover Bromley, Greenwich, Dulwich, Sevenoaks, Croydon and their local areas.

Welcome my name is Debbie and I started Little Masters and Misses Daily Nanny Service in 1985. 

Parents and Childcarers by appointment can visit my Beckenham High Street office.

My interview Consultants take 2 hours to face to face interview and reference check every Childcarer and together with Childcarers we responsibly offer Parents peace of mind.

Uniquely for all our interview work before your Child meets a Childcarer we only charge parents a £99 registration fee to view CV Reports of Nannies then those you choose to interview and request we arrange the interview we charge a final £30 fee. 

From this point Little Masters and Misses are no longer involved and all future interview arrangements, contract and salary are discussed and agreed direct between a Parent and Nanny. We are not accountants to advise on the final PAYE tax costs to employ a Nanny.

We offer a FREE family introduction service to Childcare Qualified Childcarers and those who have worked in Childcare if they:

  • Have or will pay to update a DBS police check
  • Have or will pay to update their First Aid Certificates
  • Pay for a Childcare Work Insurance
  • Commit to a family for a minimum of one year
Salary is discussed based on references offer and if a Childcarers:
  • 1st Nanny job £8 - £11 gross per hour
  • An experienced Nanny earns £11 -£16 gross per hour

How Our S​ervice Works

A Parent will need to telephone us 8 weeks in advance of their ideal start date to register then we post our Employing a Nanny Advice Brochure. This allows time to interview Childcarers and on the chosen Nanny do parent reference checks before they can give notice.

  • Parents pay our £99 registration fee and within 7 days we aim to email 3 - 5 Childcarer CV Reports we believe may suit
  • Parents select the Childcarers they want to interview and we check still available
  • If so we arrange the interview then invoice a final £30 fee per Childcarer

  • ​Once paid we ask the Childcarer within 24 hours to telephone and speak to a parent to agree a 45 minute 1st interview time
  • If they are invited to a 2nd interview all your family must be present and time allowed to play with the Children
  • After interview a Parent telephone`s the Childcarer to either offer Nanny work or not and if accept the parents sends a job offer

What Is A Nanny and Their Duties

Nanny Salary Costs

Interview and Job Offer Advice